Creating a Dungeon Generator

Roquelikes, dungeon generators, procedurally generated levels and worlds are very popular. There are a lot of options and tutorials around the web for generating heightmaps, but what I found is that there aren’t many ideas on generating dungeons. Well, there are actually quite a few ways to generate dungeon systems. But there is one approach that I really like, and I will discuss that today.

Essentially, this approach exists out of 2 functions;

Random Heightmap Generator

Until now I have been using perlin noise classes from other sources to make my procedural worlds. I didn’t really like the idea of using classes from others for it, so I made my own class from scratch to get the results I need, with a total different approach. I am unsure how I came up with this idea, I just did, and it worked. It needs a lot of tweaking still, but it’s starting to look like what I hoped it would do.

I found this picture, which basically explains what I am trying to do.