Golden Harvest: An Update

I've been working on Golden Harvest for a couple of years now, and it's still in a very early stage. My girlfriend does the graphics, and I go about the code. We recently came in contact with someone who would be willing to make music for us, so we're happy to see where that will be heading.

Golden Harvest is a non-profit game, so we have to do with a tight budget. Keep in mind that because of this, updates can be slow, and resources might not be top-notch. But hopefully the game will be as fun to you as creating it is for us.

Recently we uploaded a newer version, in this version there aren't many changes. We got a few comments on how slow the game runs on older computers, so we added the option in the main menu to turn off shaders and toggle fullscreen. For now these are the only options, but we'll add more soon.

A small hint for the following update: We're busy right now with the ability to change texturepacks, exciting!

We hope you enjoy the game, and please tell us if you encounter any bugs.

With regards,
~Vivid Reality