Fallout 4 fans, we need some realtalk.

Warning, don't read this if you don't want spoilers (But come on, the story is utter shit, who plays Fallout 4 for the story?) and basically don't read this if you like what you are seeing here with Fallout 4. If you enjoy the game, this is not the thread for you. Lets get real here, am I the only one who is very let down with Fallout 4? It's such a dissapointment for me. I really want to like it because I like the fallout franchise and I like the idea of a 3D Fallout. But this game is the worst Fallout since Fallout 3 in my opinion.

1) The story is shit, don't act like it isn't.
In the first 30 minutes you get all the progression I could want from a fallout. You walk up to a town, you murder some people, you walk inside a house where some guy on a balcony is in distress. He thinks you're a pretty good murderer so gives you his power armor and makes you mayor of his civilization. Really? There is absolutely no excuse for bad story writing like this. The first hour I played this game felt like such a rollercoaster of emotions, bad emotions, it's just so shit.

2) The leveling system is shit, don't act like it isn't. We're talking about a fallout here. A pc roleplaying game that started out as a role playing system that was ambigious enough to be either be used on computer or in pen and paper rpgs, you had character customization and specialisation. You could aquire points, put them in your skills and build your character that way. It's a well established way of creating an RPG character, we have done it this way for as long as role playing games exist and it should be that way in this game as well. No, Bethesda has not invented a completely new way of character development, they invented an advent calendar that is basically like a try to catch them all situation here. I've heard it's pretty much possible to become a jack of all trades and master of all, to unlock every single attribute in your SPECIAL (WHAT?) and unlock every trait. So basically you are a power armor wearing super hero. Who wants that? Which brings me to the next point.

3) This game is made for casual gamers, don't act like it isn't. I've heard people say this game is hardcore. What does that even mean when you are playing Iron man doing interior design? This game feels so underwhelmingly simple, it's so streamlined, that you are able to not read the storyline and finish the game, because you can just hold the button that is "agree" and your character will make witty comments about how he doesn't care about the story, so you can go off walking towards blips on your radar and do whatever it is you are expected there (never something too complicated of course, if you only spare a perk or two you can unlock everything you need anyways, 10 minutes in the game and I could unlock advanced terminals) and that's what it is, it's like one big Heroine Hero where you just mindlessly fulfill tasks that fulfill your experience meter so you get to unlock every ability and become Iron Man. This game is so streamlined, that there are no bad decisions to be made, you can't kill characters that are important. Wasn't the cool thing about Fallout 1, 2 & New Vegas that everything that lives could be murdered if you so wish? This game is so forgiving, that trying to be a jerk to everyone will never get you in trouble, and it's quite hard also. There are no means thing to be said, yeah sure there is a "sarcastic" option in every dialogue but is that really comparable to the dialogue system we had in New Vegas?

4) This game is not a roleplaying game, don't act like it is. There is no role to be played, there is a role given to you and there are four flavors, that is the dialogue wheel. There are no different "rolls" or different ways to play the game, you are always playing Iron Man. For instance, the character is voiced, I don't want my character voiced, I want to imagine myself what my character says, I don't want to listen to his witty and snarky remarks that are as deep as Bethesda can imagine. This is an interactive movie, where the story is written for you. Sure, you can convince the main character to take a certain approach in every situation, and sure, you can make the main character look how you want, and that is super exciting. But when a mentally ill old lady on drugs tells me I should do something based on her vision there is no way this game allows you to just say no. Believe me, I've tried. And the rest of the game I will remember how everything started because my character listened to a mentally ill person. I was so angry about that particular situation that I decided to kill her, I mean it's Fallout I am playing after all. Well joke was on me, she and her buddies are invulnerable.

5) This game doesn't deserve the praise it is getting, don't act like it does. I do enjoy this game, but the praise the game gets is just too much. I am sorry. The wow factor everyone is experiencing is something I can't say I am experiencing myself, and it feels like we are playing a completely different game all together. The only way for me to enjoy this game is to see it as a Singleplayer Call of Duty in a very cheap approximation of a Fallout universe. Conclusion: Please Bethesda, stop touching Fallout, give it back to Obsidian or someone else competent.

Edit: This is just a rant, I really enjoy the game. But it has been nagging me that it is getting full 95/100 score, and everyone loves it so much, where I feel that it is good to also talk about the things that are less good, so to speak. I have played the game for 30 hours now, and I will probably play the game for another 70 hours at least, especially when the mods come. So yeah, even if it sounds unbelievable, I am enjoying this game a lot.